Lot# 8033

The 2023 Winter Auction - Sale 342   December 16th - 19th 2023, Hong Kong

Lot# 8033
Starting Price: 1,200 HK$
Hammer Price: 1,200 HK$
1909 (Jul) to 1910 (Jan), a group of two C.I.P. 4th stationery cards Kaochangmiao, and Tientsin to Japan respectively.

the first stationery card was sent from Tienstin to Japan, and the Tientsin round postmark is a bit blurred. The second one was sent from Kaochangmiao in Shanghai to Japan. Kaochangmiao is in the south of the Yangtze River, has a long history and once had a far-reaching reputation. Kaochangmiao has two meanings, first is the name of the temple, then it became the name of the place, this term is full of historical weight. Over the past hundred years, the Kaochangmiao area has developed from a traditional village into a key foreign affairs town.