Lot# 8013

The 2023 Winter Auction - Sale 342   December 16th - 19th 2023, Hong Kong

Lot# 8013
Starting Price: 5,000 HK$
Hammer Price: 32,000 HK$
1908 (Sep 3) Kuliang, Foochow to Pennsylvania, U.S.A., C.I.P. 4th stationery card,

it was affixed with a 1 cent and a 2 cent Dragon stamp. The postcard was marked with a special Kuliang Foochow postmark and Foochow pakua seal, as well as a Fuchien Foochow waist-frame circled cds (the eighth day of the seventh lunar month). It was then transferred abroad from the Foochow French Post Office, together with a Pennsylvania arrival stamp. It is quite rare for the pakua seal to still be in use in the late Qing Dynasty.