Lot# 8120

The 2022 Winter Auction - Sale 339   17th to 20th December 2022, Hong Kong

Lot# 8120
Starting Price: 6,000 HK$
1908 (Oct) incoming red band cover from Kyakhta to Fengchow,

f.w. Russian issue 2k on reverse, tied by Trans-Siberian Railway Chita - Irkusk line 242 Train PO cds (Oct 23), along with Peking, Taiyuan transit and Fengchow transit cds. (Nov 11).

This cover was carried by courier to Irkuska, then travelled via Trans-Siberian Railway, South Manchuria Railway and Peking-Moukden Railway to Peking. Early Trans-Siberian Railway item from Mongolia before the establishment of Chinese Imperial Post PO.