Lot# 7043

The 2023 Winter Auction - Sale 342   December 16th - 19th 2023, Hong Kong

Lot# 7043
Starting Price: 2,000 HK$
Hammer Price: 2,000 HK$
April 1922, a ROC stationery card in light blue bearing a special mailbox tombstone "Chinwangtao / The First Mailbox Post Despatch", a rare usage.

April 1922, a ROC one and a half-cent junk stationery card in light blue sent from Chinwangtao to Tientsin. It bears the tombstone postal mark "秦王島/ 郵政第一信櫃寄" in Chinese, and is additionally cancelled by the Chinwangtao bilingual waist-frame circular datestamp, two elliptical Chinwangtao company imprints, and a Tientsin arrival c.d.s. The Chinwangtao tombstone is not commonly seen.