Lot# 7023

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Lot# 7023
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7 Aug 1929, an extremely rare mail from the origin of Xingxingxia in Sinkiang to Tihwa.

7 Aug 1929, a reply portion of ROC 1-cent junk overprint "For Use in Sinkiang Province" stationery double-card, from Xingxingxia to Tihwa Sinkiang (Ürümqi), uprated with two 1-cent junk stamps ovpt. "For Use in Xinjiang Province". Front side of the card bears 3 Xingxingxia Chinese character waist-frame c.d.s. (7th day, the 8th month of 18th year). There is a red inspection mark on the postal card, and the Xingxingxia postmark is clear. The postal card is well-preserved and rare. This item is recorded on page 96 of "Xinjiang Postal and Post Road History". 
Xingxingxia is located in the eastern part of Sinkiang, near the border with Kansu. It is a strategically important location as it is a key route for entering Sinkiang from the Hexi Corridor. It has long been known as the first vital gateway town in eastern Sinkiang. During 1920s, various warlords stationed substantial military forces in the area, leading to strict communication and inspection regulations. All correspondences, regardless of its nature, had to be examined and stamped by inspectors. In this stationery card case, the sender, "Shun Fa Foreign Company" was a commercial entity run by Germans. While it appeared to be engaged in trade, it was actually involved in collecting intelligence and information gathering. This gave it significant influence in the governance of Sinkiang during that period.