Lot# 7050

The 2023 Winter Auction - Sale 342   December 16th - 19th 2023, Hong Kong

Lot# 7050
Starting Price: 2,800 HK$
Hammer Price: 3,800 HK$
25 Apr 1910, a very unique registered picture postal card sent in unusual "Vladivostock - Bering Line" and Amur to Japan and returned to Vladivostok, bearing manual instructional mark of "Poste Restante".

25 Apr 1910, picture postal card sent from Russia to Vladivostok, affixed with one 1/2-cent, one 1-cent, one 2-cent, and one 5-cent coiling dragon stamps, cancelled by Peking bilingual bisected c.d.s., Fengtien waist-frame lunar c.d.s. (the 17th day of 3rd month, lunar year Gengxu). In addition, it was stamped with registration mark "R / PEKING (CHINA) / 1096", and Vladivostok arrival oval datestamp.

The card was delivered through via the "Vladivostok - Bering Line" and then Amur to Japan, where it was returned to Vladivostok safekeeping there for recipient to pick up. An excellent registration postal mail riding through the northern paquebot line in Russia.