Lot# 8030

The 2023 Winter Auction - Sale 342   December 16th - 19th 2023, Hong Kong

Lot# 8030
Starting Price: 1,400 HK$
Hammer Price: 4,800 HK$
1911, a group of three C.I.P. 4th stationery cards, sent from Yanchow to Wenshang, Shanghai to Chinkiang, and also to Jiaxing City,

the first one was sent from Yanchow, Shantung to Wenshang, Shantung in 1911, cancelled with three Wenshang three-grid double-ringed lunar cds (Xinhai 6th of the 4th month), and also stamped with the transfer Shandong Ningyang full Chinese waist frame lunar cds, and the Shantung Wenshang full Chinese waist frame seal as the arrival stamp (Xinhai, the seventh day of fourth month), a small place in Shantung. The other two include Shanghai sent to Chinkiang and sent to Jiaxing City. All three postage cards are well preserved