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from John Bull Auctions

John Bull S328 Auction Result

Dear collector friends,
We have just ended the #328 John Bull Auctions in keen competition, from Dec 9th to 12th of 2017, and are so proud to announce a total sale of HK$18,524,775, including buyer’s premium. I together with the John Bull team would like to share our pleasure with you and take this chance to thank you for your participation in the auctions, and make the event spectacular! Enclosed please find the prices realization of the sale.

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Mail to the Far East

Nowadays if one sends an email across the continents to Eastern Asia, the recipient sees it almost immediately, and a letter usually takes only a few days. But the routes taken by letters, and the travel times 100-150 years ago are documented in a collection that is coming up for sale, in an impressive manner, in a joint auction of John Bull with Heinrich Koehler, Germany on March 25.

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Philatelic Summit 2017

In April 2017 a valuable seminar for collectors, exhibitors, jurors and expertisers will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. Knowledge regarding the selection of stamps, covers and cancels in respect to their philatelic importance will be shared in several talks and workshops under the guidance of experienced philatelists.

The seminar is for:
collectors · exhibitors · jurors · experts

Application deadline is 31 December 2016.

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