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Lot# 4121

336th Auction, 25 – 28 June 2021

Starting bid: 1 100 000.00 HKD

Catalogue#: -

1897 (Jul 20) Chefoo to Germany Red Revenue registered combination cover, bearing on front at upper right a red boxed Type II Chefoo Customs Mail Matter mark, f.w. Dowager surch issues x 5 and Red Revenue 1c x 2 on reverse, in total rate of 10c (matching the international registered rate), while on front f.w. French ovpt. Chine 25c x 2, covered the Chefoo Customs Mail Matter mark. Former stamps tied by Chefoo Dollar cds., along with Shanghai Dollar cds. as transit and Hamburg arrival. Latter stamps tied by Shanghai French PO cds., along with two R marks. The only cover in recorded bearing Customs Mail Matter Mark and f.w. Red Revenue and Dowager surcharged Issues. Unique!