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Lot# 7001

331st Auction , 29 June – 8 July 2019

Starting bid: 4 000 HKD

Hammer price: 16 000 HKD

Catalogue#: -

1941 a small collection of Japanese Occ. China Imitative SYS & Martyrs issues (Chan JN1, JNU1-17), hinged on 2 album pages. Including issued Martyrs 8c with imprints study and used stamps, Unissued imitative Peking Print Martyrs set of 6 (20c with 2 types), imitative London SYS issues set, imitative Chung Hwa Print SYS issues set and imitative Dah Tung Print SYS issues set. A difficult and nice collection. Ex. Meiso Mizuhara.