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Lot# 5190

330th Auction, 1 – 8 December 2018

Starting bid: 2 600.00 HKD

Hammer price: 4 000.00 HKD

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1914 (Jan 12) Alfons Brackenhoeft company cover from Kwanchengtze registered to Germany, via Siberia, mixed franking with Junk issues & CIP ovpt. ROC issue x 9 on revrse, tied by rare bisected Kwanchengtze bilingual cds., along with Germany arrival. On front with Kwanchengtze reigstered marks and "Via Siberia" cachet. International letter rate and registered rate were both 10c while 2 additional weight units were added. 32c of postage was charged. Good example for postage studies. VF-F.