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Lot# 5020

330th Auction, 1 – 8 December 2018

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Collection of covers/cards for the period 1903 to 1943, mainly to illustrate the diversity of origins and destinations of areas which enjoyed the benefit of “Via Siberia” mail service, inclusive of items sent via other routes when such service was suspended because of Russo-Japanese War (1904), World War I (1914) and setting up of Manchukuo (1933), interesting items include 1903 Tientsin to Russia with additional Russian stamps, 1912 Tientsin to France, 1913 Hankow to Russia via Kwangchengtse, 1926 Wuchang to Hamburg with censor marking, 1928 registered cover Harbin to Switzerland, 1929 Shanghai to Italy with censor tape, 1931 Harbin to Munich registered cover, 1934 airmail cover carried via AIR ORIENT, 1935 registered cover Nanking to Germany and 1943 registered cover Shanghai to Sweden with censor marking etc. (44 ITEMS)